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Some things are worth shouting about!

Here are just a few of the great things that our customers are saying about both our products and our services.

If you would like to submit your own testimonial then you can use the form to the right, and we'll review it and will consider publishing it on this page, a great way to boost the profile of your company at the same time.

For all our customers, we thank you for your continued support over many years.

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GCS Alarms (Clacton-on-Sea)

As you know, GCS Alarms have been using Castle panels dating back to the old Omega 5's, 1500's, 1600's, 2200's, 2300's, 2500''s & 2700's back in the early 80's! More than three decades! We are currently using the new Euro Range and the new Wire Free Enforcer Range. The reason we use Castle products is for their reliability and flexibility. We have installed them in simple domestic situations and also large stately homes and commercial premises. It is good to know that as a quality installation company you can provide us with quality products. We are looking forward to testing your new GSM Enforcer Kit. We appreciate your product updates and technical bulletins. Thank you!

♦ Paul Dewing - Managing Director - Essex (June 2013)


Unique Integrated Systems Ltd (Lancashire)

I am delighted to let you know that we have now successfully moved across to using the Castle EURO 46, with the wireless expander (EURO-ZEM32-WE). As you know I have never been a fan of wireless equipment but after speaking to our engineer I am having to eat my words!

Our engineer has never installed a Castle panel before but found it very easy to install and the menu structure very intuitive. Our customer is more than happy with the system and found it simple to use.

In short a good "engineer friendly" product.

♦ Mark Ashall - Operations Manager - Lancashire (May 2013)


TTSS Telecoms and Security Systems

I am still installing Pyronix and Castle products today with the Euro and Enforcer being our only range of standard stock panels. I have found Insite software to be a very valuable tool for the company, using it for remote servicing and troubleshooting.

Customers are guided by our surveyors and always compliment us on installing such an intuitive, feature packed, yet simple to use systems.

The Enforcer is a truly magnificent product and it's easy to see why it's won awards.

Keep up the fantastic product development work you guys do and I look forward to using many new and equally brilliant Castle and Pyronix products for many years to come.

♦ Danny Botterell (May 2013)

Shebang in Herfordshire

Shebang Fire and Security (Hertforshire)

I have been using Castle Euro range of control panels for several years now. I am very happy with the panel range but it was missing cost effective reliable radio.

Well now I am blown away by the new ZEM 32 WE RF receiver and Enforcer peripherals. This is so easy to use with the one push to learn and the two way signal strength indicator means you can install with confidence that the system will work.

Well done to everybody at Castle and Pyronix.

♦ Lee Banks, Sales Director - Hertfordshire (April 2013)

SAS Security in East Sussex

SAS Security Systems (East Sussex)

We have been installing the Enforcer & Deltabell + for 7 months and its the only one we now use, with ease of rapid installation, easy end user commands its without doubt the best wireless system on the market.

Feed back from customers is 100% and to date we have not had one complaint or call back to sites to rectify any problems, we have now started to connect via the output module and supporting PSU to Redcare and the results have been very positive from the engineers and our sales teams.

With the above in mind we looked at also changing to the Euro 46L for commercial installations and yet again this was also taken on board by our engineers, quiet clearly a market leader in its field, we where pleasantly surprised to find all our engineers requesting to only install Pyronix/Castle products.

In our option Pyronix are the only manufacture that fully listen to engineer and customer concerns and take it onboard and act accordingly.

♦ John Cooney, Managing Director of SAS Security - East Sussex (April 2013)

AES Security Systems

AES Security Systems (Sutton)

Just a brief note to thank you and your team for producing some really great advertising inserts for both the Enforcer & Castle keypad... great.

♦ Barry Forsyth - MD of AES Security Systems - Sutton (March 2013)

Syntax Security Group Ireland

Syntax Group (Ireland)

We have been using Castle Panels from the late 80's in the UK, when we started trading over in Ireland, other products had a greater presence and we found it very difficult to promote the Castle brand easily, but we kept our cool and kept pushing.

We're glad we didn't cave-in, our customers new and old are now asking for an alternative from the usual / common brands available in Ireland, and once they've seen the demo we do, product sold!

We use the Euro panel for hardwired systems and the Enforcer for the wireless systems, therefore, we only have to stock 2 panels with the accessories to suit, along with the Pyronix range of detectors and bell boxes. Even system take-overs are an ease with the iD facility, why would we want to use another product?

The products are of very high quality and the technical support is great.

Keep up the good work.

♦ Russell Carratt - Syntax Group - Ireland (January 2013)

ESP Security

ESP Security (Derbyshire)

I must take a few moments to express how impressed I am with the Enforcer wireless alarm system! We at ESP Security have many years of experience with wireless kit and find this to be the market leader in terms of ease of installation, client operability, and of course the big one - reliability.

How best to summarise the situation?.. You fit it, then it just works as it should, no drama. And it sells itself too!

Many thanks to everyone involved, you're onto a winner there.

♦ Piers Oldham - Principle, ESP Security (October 2012)

Tribune Security

Tribune Audio Visual Security (Wigan)

Just a quick note to say thank you for introducing "Tribune" to the "Enforcer" wireless range.

Our engineers all think that it is the best wireless equipment that they have ever used.

I believe we were one of the first to use this range even though I never like to be the "Guinea Pig" for new products. You were right to persuade me to give it a chance - we are no longer using Visonic.

Many thanks Mark [Blackledge].

♦ Ross Burgess (October 2012)

Alarm Maintenance Company (Aberdeen)

We decided to switch to the Castle Euro panel range 4 years ago and have never looked back; the quality and reliability of the panels is excellent.

We are mainly installing the Euro Mini and Euro 46. Before this we used to install the Honeywell Galaxy alarms. Another benefit of the Castle alarms was the increase in profits. We would recommend the Euro range to everyone as a really good wired intruder alarm system.

We are now also fitting the Enforcer wireless panels, which have the same quality and programming menus as the Euro panels, with excellent 2 way radio technology that can cope with the granite buildings we have in Aberdeen.

Our engineers absolutely love the Euro Panels and our customers value them for being very reliable and we get great support from our local account manager Bryan Evans who is based in Scotland.

♦ Graeme Beattie (September 2012)

G C Electrical Logo

GC Electronics Ltd (Leeds)

The Enforcer kit has been very popular with my customers both old and new. It looks great and is simple for them to use. The installation is easy and the Enforcer system almost sells itself once customers see it and realise its potential. The wire free bell is fantastic & also the option for a regular wired bell which is perfect for system takeovers. I must purchase the demo kit ASAP (unless I win one by texting you every month!)

♦ Oliver Fawdington (owner) - GC Electronics Ltd (May 2012)

Innovate Security Logo

Webb Security Systems Ltd (Stockport)

We have tried them all over the last 32 years but have to say about Castle range quoting Tina Turner "Simply the Best".

♦ Eddie Eves - Webb Security Systems Ltd (April 2012)

Innovate Security Logo

Innovate Security (Cumbernauld)

It has definitely been one of my best decisions to change from my old panel manufacturer, on to the Castle Euro range I have been seriously impressed, with the many additional features on the Euro panels, they are so much more user friendly.

Our local Scotland based Account Manager Bryan Evans helped us a lot, being at hand to answer product specification questions and deal with our engineer training, also he suggested we have the Euro panel keypads branded with our own Innovate logo. This looks great with our logo back lit with blue LEDs and is very professional as it allows us to promote the Euro panels as our own bespoke systems.

♦ Danny Rea - Innovate Security (March 2012)

Diamond Security Logo

Diamond Security

I have been installing the Castle Euro panels for about four years, firstly using the excellent Euro Mini, a very reliable & competitive 10 zone panel, now I'm also installing the Euro 46 for larger jobs & for customers that require its SMS text message facility, which I find works great and is a very popular feature. The blue LCD keypad looks great and I can add a proximity version if my customers want to use prox tags.

Now with the recent launch of their hybrid radio expander ZEM32WE the Euro 46 ticks all the boxes, with ten wired zones in panel & keypad & a choice of 8 to 32 radio zones in the ZEM32WE, I can mix & match between wired & wireless as required, with added benefit of radio setting buttons & two radio bells if needed.

I especially like the Intelligent set feature, which is ideal for house systems with full & bed set options, my customers simply enter a code number or show a tag, then go to bed or go out the house, the panel is clever enough to know if they open the final exit door and decides for them to either full or part set the panel it works a treat!

♦ Brian Lindsay - Diamond Security (May 2013)

Select Security Logo

Select Security Systems (UK) Limited (Sherburn in Elmet)

My company has been installing the same range of panels for some years now and we thought we would never change manufacturer as we were very happy.

Well, after trying the new Enforcer wireless system I can honestly say we will never go back to the old system - never thought I would ever say that!

It seems that every issue we had on the system we were previously using has been answered by the new Enforcer system.

Below are just a few of the pointers where the enforcer wins hands down.

1. Door contacts look nicer without having the screw fixing visible
2. Door contact magnets are just outstanding in their range, 18 inches! WOW
3. The easy to learn detectors with signal strength built into each detector makes installation quicker.
4. Instant arming of detectors. This was a big problem with our old system as they go to sleep for ages as do most wireless detectors.
5. Nice blue LED's.
6. Nice loud wireless external Deltabell, which also matches our wired bells which is a bonus.
7. Fobs with status LED's. Customers love the setting fobs.
8. Text dialler (modem) built into the kit.
9. 2 zones in the wireless panel which can take wired zones (unlike our old system).
10. Same functions and programming as the rest of the Castle range.
11. Pyronix Tech Support is just outstanding.
12. Price! I have worked out the cost and from the savings that I am making I can afford to pay an extra engineer a week! This is big savings.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the message.

Thank you for getting us onto the Pyronix and Castle range.............we have never looked back.

♦ Paul Tchaikovsky - Managing Director (December 2011)

Walker Fire & Security

The premises of Edwards Menswear (Penrith, Cumbria), are one of many where we now use Castle products. Installed on site is a Castle Euro 46LM with a contemporary keypad, two ZEM Lite remote expander's for the control equipment.

We have now been using the Euro 46, Euro Mini and Mini Prox systems for a many months after finding another manufacturer being too expensive to win jobs. After enquiring at our wholesaler about different manufacturers Bryan Evens (sales rep) came and spent a couple of hours with us going through the different panels and we were really impressed with them. It wasn't down to cost of the products that was a bonus, but it was the real quality and capability of the Euro panels that we liked.

Also the Euro panels are very user friendly which makes our jobs much easier.

The Euro range of control panels we have found to be very stable. Never have we had any data issues with them, for example- keypads or ZEM expanders dropping off line. Also we have not had any problems with voltage drop on data lines unlike other manufacturer's remote devices that seem to pull voltage down easily. A huge advantage of the Euro range data line wring is that you can star off and not just cable in daisy chain style. This is a great advantage when upgrading old systems. We would happily recommend Castle to any installer or customer.

♦ Peter Walker owner of Walker Fire & Security.


We at IDES have been installing Castle equipment for over 20 years.

We have used everything from the early Castle Omega range right up to the current Euro meridian control equipment.

The equipment has always proved to be reliable and we have it located all over Scotland in domestic and large commercial buildings.

Our customers using the equipment over the last decade include The Royal Botanic Garden and several luxury house builders who continue to use the equipment which in our view is always at the cutting edge of technology.

♦ Alan Duffy owner of IDES.

Clan Alarms

The DualCom Inside is a great bit of kit, where the simplicity to install is second to none. Also a big thank you to CSL who were on hand to support us through our first install.

♦ Bruce Middleton, Clan Alarms.

Detection Security Systems Ltd

The DualCom Inside kit is the best communication innovation in years. It's easy and fast to install, with excellent detailed diagnostic. CSL and Castle, really do have all their ducks in a row with this innovation!

♦ Steve Voss, Detection Security Systems Ltd.

ESP Systems, Merseyside

The Enforcer two way wireless panel was ideally suited for the location and application that was required on site, the kit was installed very quickly and the set up was no problem. The programming between the PIR and Panel was a little bit harder, but when Maurice Taggart (Account Manager) showed me how to, it looked easy. There are still just a few things to get my head round.

It worked very well on the tests and the customer was happy to get an alarm system up and working again. Since the installation the customer had no issues with the panel, I never had to show her how to set it. She just pushed the button and away she went. It is really straight forward. I hope to use a lot more of these Enforcer kits in the future.

♦ Duncan Whiteside - Owner (July 2011).

FM Security Services, Tamworth

We are now into our fourth month of fitting the new Enforcer System and I would like to make the following comments on how good this system is.

Firstly, the range totally outperforms the two other wireless systems that we have been using from different security manufacturers. The Enforcer system diagnostics are superb; signal strength, battery and walk tests can all be carried out from the control panel with ease.

I am particularly impressed by the instant detector wake up feature on system arm.

Not only does the Enforcer perform well, but the system looks great, customers love the fact that they can choose between using tags, radio fobs or codes and the SMS text message never fails to impress.

Generally, I try to configure a system in our workshop, so all my son needs to do at site is drill and screw the items as per the site specification and take the cheques to the bank! With Pyronix getting products to market right first time, they are taking over the market.

Also a thank you to Russell and the other guys in your Technical Support team, not only do they answer the phone when you need them, but they always have the answers - well done chaps.

Finally, I cannot say enough for the support given by Gary Rogers (Account Manager), always available and always supports us.

♦ P. H. Freeman - Owner/Director (July 2011).

Home Secure Alarms, Belfast

The Enforcer was brought to our attention by our local Castle/Pyronix representative and we decided to give it a bench test. The first thing we noticed was the size of the main panel which is a lot smaller than other wireless panels, somewhere in between the size of a typical wireless control panel and a normal RKP. This allows the Enforcer to be visually pleasing to the eye and also allows it to blend in with any decor. The unbranded nature of the product is a fantastic idea, allowing the alarm company to personalise the product which in turn gives the customer more confidence in the installation company and also in the alarm system itself.

Installation and set up of the Enforcer is easy, programming is identical to the excellent Castle Euro range which we have been installing recently after moving from another manufacturer. The programming menu is simple and you don't get lost in a sea of sub-menus like we found in other systems we have installed in the past. Enrolling the sensors and other wireless components is simple and gives confidence that everything is going to work. The signal strength indication on the sensors makes site surveys painless and the installer no longer has to keep his fingers crossed when commissioning the system because he knows it's going to work and there will be no weak signal issues.

The Enforcer also brings peace of mind to the customer and installer due to the fact that it is a two way system and there are no sleep timers on PIR detectors, this was a major worry for us before as with the previous one way systems we used there was the chance that the alarm system would fail to perform due to a sensor being in sleep mode. All in all, an extremely user friendly system and our customers love them and customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us, as it brings us repeat and new business. We will be installing the Enforcer for the foreseeable future.

♦ Iain Trayon - Sales Engineer (August 2011).

SJM Technology, Dublin

From a programming and installation point of view the Enforcer wireless System is the best wireless product currently on the market.

The product is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

♦ Mark McCurk - Managing Director (November 2011)


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