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Euro Range

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Enforcer Euro Mini Euro-46 Euro-76


On-board Inputs: 10

Maximum Inputs: 10

Keypads: 4

User Codes: 30

Partitions: 4 Levels

Wireless Option: None

Click here for Glossy Technical Specification Sheet Click here for installation manual Click here for programming Manual Click here for User Manual

The Euro Mini is our entry level hard-wired control panel. It is a non expandable 10 input panel with 3 outputs which can be changed to up to 7 outputs by swapping inputs for outputs. It is a professional metal control panel and comes complete with a keypad. Euro Mini has four level setting modes and is also available with setting prox as an option. The Euro Mini is suitable for installations to PD6662:2010 grade 2x.

As an entry level panel the Euro Mini is a very professional product and includes a number of useful features including Intelligent Set. Intelligent Set allows the control panel automatically set the appropriate setting mode based on the users actions. It simply looks to see if the front door is opened during the exit time. If it is, the system will full set, if not the system will part set. This is a very popular feature and makes using the alarm easier for many end users.

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On-board Inputs: 32 Wireless

Maximum Inputs: 34

Keypads: 4

User Codes: 80 (including 32 wireless keyfobs

Partitions: 4 Levels

The award winning Enforcer Wireless Control Panel uses two way technology from Pyronix. The unique bidirectional wireless technology offers some fantastic and revolutionary features that offer both the end user and the installer a faster, more powerful and reliable wireless solution.

Bidirectional wireless firstly offers PIR detectors without the need for a battery saving sleep timer. In fact the detector is aware if the panel is set or not and will behave accordingly. If the panel is set, the detector will be awake just as a wired detector would be but if the system is unset, the detector is put to sleep so only the important supervision messages will be sent, not unnecessary motion detection messages.

Also two way radio allows for only one message be sent each time. A one way wireless system sends many messages as it has no way of know if the message was received if it was perhaps sent at the same time as another device. Sending the signal many times works but is wasteful of battery power. When a bidirectional device sends a signal, the control panel send an acknowledgement of receipt so the device does not need to send any more messages. Equally though if the message does not get through, the device will send more messages to ensure the message is received, but only when necessary.

Bidirectional wireless also allows us to send signal strength messages to the devices. This makes for fast and efficient installations allowing the installing engineers to see signal strengths as they are fitting the devices and no need to run back to the panel each time to check a good quality signal.

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On-board Inputs: 8

Maximum Inputs: Up to 280 with MSX Card Expansion

Set Points: 8-30 (Max 16 Keypads)

User Codes: 100-500

Partitions: 8 Levels or Areas, expandable to 14

Wireless Option: Fully Integrated Enforcer (96 inputs) or Inovonics (240 inputs)

Click here for Glossy Technical Specification Sheet Click here for installation manual Click here for programming manual Click here for User Manual

Euro-76, as the name suggests takes you to 76 inputs but also allows for extra expansion. The Euro-76 has a removable MSX card which is like the brain of the panel and this can be replaced with the MSX-162 or MSX-280. These then allow the panel to be expanded up to 280 inputs. With this extra expansion also allows for more of other devices also.

The panel can now support 14 areas, up to 30 setting points and 16 output modules offering up to 256 extra outputs.

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On-board Inputs: 8

Maximum Inputs: 46

Keypads: 6

User Codes: 75

Partitions: 6 Levels or Areas

Wireless Option: Fully Integrated Enforcer (32 inputs) or Inovonics (32 inputs)

Click here for Glossy Technical Specification Sheet Click here for installation manual Click here for programming Manual Click here for User Manual

The Euro-46 is the panel that covers so many kinds of installations.

Available as Grade 3 in the large metal case or Grade 2 in the smaller metal case, both panels share the same capabilities.

The Euro-46 control panels include a digi modem capable of all the same protocols as the Enforcer. Fast Format, CID, SIA, SMS and full UDL including ARM.

Euro-46 can support six setting devices. These can be either Keypads, internal prox readers, external prox readers or access control packs.

It can support 2 x 16 way output modules which connect to the RS485 bus line allows for easy integration anywhere within the premises.

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Introducing EN50131/PD6662 Compliant Panels for 2012

The Euro range is the third generation of Euro-MERiDIAN control panels, enhanced to meet the demands of end-users and installers facing the security challenges of the 21st Century.

If you are looking for a manufacturer of EN50131 compliant panels (EN50131-1:2006+A1:2009 and PD6662:2010) then you have come to the right place here at Castle. We have been designing and manufacturing burglar alarms that meet European Standards for over a decade. Also, working along with the Police, we strive to reduce false alarms and our burglar alarm systems will meet the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) requirements of BS8243 when installed by an NSI or SSAIB installer. This will then enable you to get police response to your property if a suitable communicating device is fitted into the control panel.

With a host of accessories, the Euro range offers maximum flexibility and ensures that each Euro system can be individually tailored to the required application, whether a house, small business or large commerical site. The new generation Euro control panels are the ideal solution for all EN50131-1 Grade 2 and Grade 3 installations, with the Euro Mini offering a Grade 2x solution for domestic properties.

Euro Range Specification Table

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Euro Mini

Euro ONE 28

Euro ONE 44

Euro ONEplus & MSX-76


EN Grade 2x 2 3 3 3 3
Max Zones
Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
PIN Codes
Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Prox Tags Only with Euro Mini Prox panel software Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Max Users 30 20 + 10 Duress 75 + 10 Duress 100 + 20 Duress TBA 500 + 20 Duress
Max Setting Points 4 4 6 8 TBA 30
Max Partitions 4 levels 4 levels 6 areas or levels 8 areas or levels TBA 14 areas or levels
Wards - - 3 7 TBA 29
Shunts - - 22 38 TBA 140
Programmable Outputs 4 + speaker (optional 4 more shared with inputs) 12-39 + speaker 12-41 + speaker 12-63 + speaker TBA 12-227 + speaker
System Logs 700 750 750 2000 TBA 2500
SMS Messaging* Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Up/Downloading* - Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Automatic Remote Maintenance † - - Tick Tick Tick Tick
Compliancy DD243:2004

Helping you to Reduce False Alarms

The Castle Care-Tech range of intruder detection control systems is designed for the smallest domestic home right through to the largest commercial applications.

The majority of false alarms (around 67% according to Police statistics) are caused by users who make mistakes when setting or un-setting the alarm. This is especially true of occasional users, both domestic (a neighbour looking after your home) and commercial (where the last person to leave the premises may vary from day to day).

Each user Key-fob and/or Card can be specifically programmed to set the intruder system the way you want to without all the fuss of 'options'. The Castle Care-Tech TaG (Touch and Go) method of setting and un-setting your system can dramatically reduce false alarms.

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