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Castle Care-Tech take security one step further with the ability to remotely access your security systems from an office PC with InSite Downloading. Yes, Euro InSite software will give you "insight" into the diagnostics of your customer's alarm systems, remotely. This highly acclaimed product has won two prestigious International Awards: The European Security Innovation Award 1993, and The IFSEC Prism of Excellence 1994.

Euro InSite 2013 v9.1r is the latest version of this software.

What Exactly is Downloading?

InSite is Castle's own Windows™ based PC programme that allows authorised remote access via a modem to an alarm control panel. The exchange of information between the PC and the control panel is called 'Downloading'.

InSite is unique in that the information exchanged in not only alarm events, but also potential faults including the entire electrical status of the systems, down to the nut & bolt level.

This enables the alarm company to maintain a more efficient and cost effective service to clients.

You can connect to panels using RS-232, modem (PSTN), or IP using the secure Emizon platform, WebWayOne and Chiron communication paths. All Euro panels are support from version 2 upwards, including the new Enforcer wireless panel.

Euro InSite Product Features


A full database is available within InSite 2013 v9.1r with all facilities including search, view and edit. Each site can be programmed in minutes, saving engineering time and minimising the chances of mistakes. Alterations and additions are simply via the PC, without the need to send an engineer to site.

Click on image to view a larger size picture of the Inputs Programming Page


The Alarm Systems status, down to 'nut-and-bolt' level, is shown clearly. Outputs can be switched on and off remotely. A full service can be automatically performed, recorded and compared with the commissioning readings. Component degradation will be picked up instantly if and when it occurs.

Click on image to view a larger size picture of the Diagnostics Page


As with all our products, InSite 2013 v9.1r is backed up by full support by our technical team. Detailed manuals are provided on disk, and there is even a full 'help' guide to assist you through programming, complete with step-by-step pictures.

Click on image to view a larger size picture of the Help Files

System Logs

Complete logs can be uploaded from the panel, and printed in 'real', easy-to-understand English. Advanced filters can be set-up to display only the items you want to see and is fully searchable. Each log entry is accurately time and date-stamped.

User Access

Keep sensitive data secure. Each of your employess can have their own separate account within the software, with each account being fully customisable. Any one of InSite's programming options can be restricted or allowed for each user of the system. Access to the programme will require a log-in name and a password.

Click on image to view a larger size picture of the User Policies Page

Live Event Reporting

Keep instant tabs on all of your insalled alarm systems by having them dial into your office PC when any of the followinf events take place: Faults, alarms, access control events, set/unset events. Each panel can be configured to send only the information you wish to receive.
All events can be configured with their own unique colour for quick identification of important events, and are time and date stamped.

Click on image to view a larger size picture of the Live Reporting screen

Increases Diagnostic Power

InSite allows all the standard diagnostic features plus multiple diagnostic snapshot capabilities (can be saved and printed for use at a later date) and output switching. The new ouput switching lets you test all the outputs of the system remotely, including STU communications, and external SAB.

Click on image to view a larger size picture of the Output Diagnostics Page

Remote Set/Unset

Set or unset a remote alarm panel (any areas) from your office PC. To maintain site security, this facility can be restricted to certain PC users only.

Click on image to view a larger size picture of the remote set/unset screen

Soak Control

Zones can be put on and off soak remotely for test purposes. The amount of time for the soak period is fully programmable.

Click on image to view a larger size picture of the Soak Control Page

InSite Training Videos

Part Numbers

EUR‑050 Euro InSite 2013 v9.1r software (installer's software) on CD-ROM for Windows XP and Vista. Full manual and help files included on CD-ROM. Dongle optional for increased functionality. Insite Installation Disk
EUR‑073 Slot-in ARM DigiModem for all Euro-MERiDIAN panels, enables panel to communicate on PSTN phone line. Digi ARM
EUR‑054 RS232 Interface Card and loom; enables panel to communicate with your PC through RS-232 serial port. For use with Euro G2 or G3 endstations and Euro-10,12,22,28,44 RS232 Card
EUR‑055 RS232 loom; for connecting a Euro Panel to a PC. RS232 Loom
EUR‑USB/SERIAL Serial to USB converter, for use with laptops and PCs which do not have an RS-232 serial port (works with EUR-055).
Comes complete with CD of drivers for windows operating systems.
RS232 to Serial Converter

Technical Specifications

Supported Platforms (Operating Systems):

Windows XP (Home and Professional), Vista, Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit operating sytems) and Windows 8 Pro (32 & 64-bit operating sytems).

Specifications on this page relate to UK version only.
Please Note: This software will not run on Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows RT.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

ARM is DD263 Compliant

CD-ROM and Manual
Up/Downloading PC Software

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