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Version 9 Software: Euro 46L is suitable for use in systems designed to comply with PD6662:2010 at Grade 3 and Environmental Class II

EURO 46L control panel

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Euro-46L - Larger panel with tag operation for simple setting and unsetting

Grade 3 Euro-46 Control Panel

If you require a burglar alarm control panel capable of securing anything from a house to a business, then look no further than the Euro-46L. Meeting all of the requirements of EN50131-3 and suitable for use in systems designed to comply with PD6662:2010 at Grade 3, this powerful alarm system can cater from 8 to 46 zones.

All Euro-46 control panels have been designed to meet the demands of both end users and installers facing the challenges of the 21st century. With a host of accessories, the EURO-46L offers maximum flexibility and ensures that each EURO system can be individually tailored to the required application. The user interface was designed to be user friendly and maximise false alarm prevention. Users can control their system with upmost simplicity with the proximity card, tag or pin code and also benefit from intelligent setting features.

What is EN50131 Grade 3?

Grade 3 is for a reasonably substantial risk to the property. There will be good reasons to assume it may be broken into and might contain objects of high value. A burglar is likely to gain access by penetrating doors and windows, and the thief could be very experienced with burglar alarm systems and possess a number of tools and equipment to overcome the systems.

And to make a great panel even greater, the Euro-46 now comes with DualCom Inside software as standard. When programming the ARC in the engineering menu, simply select your ARC from the list, and all of the correct communication parameters will be automatically downloaded to your control panel from the CSL Gemini Servers. And to make the panel dual-path, just add the GPRS module (sold separately - click here form more information on DualCom InSide).

Euro 46 Grade 2/3 Options

  • Euro-46S - Small Metal Casing (Grade 2)
  • Euro-46SM - Small Metal Casing complete with DigiModem (Grade 2)
  • Euro-46L - Large Metal Casing (Grade 3)
  • Euro-46LM - Large Metal Casing complete with DigiModem (Grade 3)
Grade 2 Euro-46 PanelsGrade 2 Options

Euro-46S: Euro-46 in small box

Euro-46SM: Euro-46 in small box complete with digi modem
Grade 3 Options

Euro-46L: Euro-46 in larger box, with larger PSU and back tamper
Euro-46LM: Euro-46 in larger box, with larger PSU, back tamper and digi modem
Grade 3 Euro-46 panels

EURO 46 Endstation Product Features

Inputs 8 - 46
Keypads Max 6
Partitions 6 levels or 6 areas           
User Codes 75
Programmable Outputs Up to 40
Output Modules 2
ZEMs 4
Intelligent Set Yes
Logs 1250 Log Events (includes 250 Access Log Events)
EN Grade V9 Euro-46S & Euro-46SM Grade 2
V9 Euro-46L & Euro-46LM Grade 3

PDF download Click here to view the full glossy Spec Sheet for the Euro Range of Control Panels.

Bus Diagram

BUS Diagram for the Euro-46

Technical Specifications

Mains Supply: 230v (220-240v) AC
Max 250mA
Supply Voltage (A.C.): 18Vac Nominal (±20%), 50Hz (±10%)
Supply Voltage (D.C.): 12Vdc Nominal (10-15 Volt DC Range)
Supply Current: <80mA Quiescent (DC Supply, no active outputs)
Electrical PSU Capacity*:
EURO-46S (Grade 2): 1.0 Amp Continuous (1.5Amp peak)
EURO-46L (Grade 3): 1.5 Amp Continuous (2.0Amp peak)
Internal Battery Charger: 800mA Continuous, 13.68V nominal (fold-back current limited)
Battery Supply Protection: Reverse polarity protected
EURO-46S (Grade 2): Up to 7Ah
EURO-46L (Grade 3): Up to 17Ah
Battery: 3.15A Quick Blow
12v outlets: 800mA Quick Blow

Box Dimensions:
EURO-46S (Grade 2): 300mm (h) x 250mm (w) x 82mm (d)
EURO-46L (Grade 3): 390mm (h) x 320mm (w) x 100mm (d)

Part Numbers

Grade 2 EURO-46S Small endstation (1.0 Amp PSU*) complete with EUR-064 Keypad for Grade 2 use.
Grade 2 EURO-46SM Small casing & modem complete with EUR-064 Keypad for Grade 2 use.
Grade 3 EURO-46L Large endstation (1.5 Amp PSU*) complete with EUR-064 Keypad for Grade 3 use.
Grade 3 EURO-46LM Large casing & modem complete with EUR-064 Keypad for Grade 3 use.

Grade 3 Click here the full range Euro-76 Grade 3 control panels.


Product Description   Product Description  
EURO LCD PZ Proximity Keypad with 2 zone inputs EURO LCD PZ EURO FLUSH C Chrome Flush Mount Keypad with Full English text display EURO FLUSH C
EURO FLUSH SC Satin Chrome flushmount keypad EURO FLUSH SC EURO PROXI Internal Prox Reader EURO PROXI
EURO PROXE External Prox Reader. (IP65 rated) Used to set/unset, access control or door entry control EURO PROXE EUR-023 Pack of 5 Proximity Tags EUR-023
EUR-024 Pack of 5 Proximity Cards EUR-024 EURO ZEM2P 2 Input Expander with built-in Loud Speaker EURO ZEM2P
EURO ZEM8 8 DEOL or double pole input expander in Polycarbonate casing EURO ZEM8 EURO ZEM8+ 8 DEOL or double pole expander with 4 Transistor outputs EURO ZEM8+
EURO ZEM8+PSU 8 EoL (or double pole) input expander with 4 programmable outputs, integrated 2.5A power supply and RS485 Repeater for extending data bus range EURO ZEM8+PSU EURO ZEM 32WE Zone Expanstion Module to allow the Euro 46 panel to interface with the Enforcer fully two-way wireless range. EURO ZEM 32WE
EURO OEM8R8T 16 Output Module (8xTransistors and 8x3A Relays) and LED indications EURO OEM8R8T EURO OEM16R+PSU 16 Way Relay Module with 2.5Amp PSU in metal casing EURO OEM16R+PSU
ZA-200 Single pole relay module
  • Relay coil current: 33mA(S),45mA(D)
  • Max 24v DC / 48v AC
ZA-200 ZA-300 Double pole relay module
  • Relay coil current: 33mA(S),45mA(D)
  • Max 24v DC / 48v AC
ZA-400 Single pole relay module
  • 4 Relays
  • Relay coil current: 33mA(S),45mA(D)
  • Max 24v DC / 48v AC
ZA-400 ZA-500 Double pole relay module
  • 4 Relays
  • Relay coil current: 33mA(S),45mA(D)
  • Max 24v DC / 48v AC
EURO DIGI1200 DigiModem for SMS, Fast Format, Contact ID, SIA3, Up/Downloading and Automatic Remote Maintenance EURO DIGI1200 EUR-055 RS232 Interface Loom for up/downloading to PC EUR-055
EURO USB/SERIAL RS232 Serial to USB Converter Cable (for use with EUR-055 loom) EURO USB/SERIAL      


* This is the electrical rating of the PSU, not the EN rating.

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