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Wired and Wireless alarms

Grade 2

The wireless expander EURO ZEM 32WE is suitable for use in systems designed to comply with EN50131-3 : 2009, EN50131-6 : 2008, EN50131-5-3 : 2005 at Grade 2 and environmental class 2.

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Wireless Input Expander

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Wireless Input Expander for Euro Range of wired control panels - convert wired to wireless in an instant!

Now Available!

We are proud to announce that following the launch of version 9 Euro control panel software, the Euro Wireless ZEM (EURO ZEM 32WE) can now be added as well as wired ZEMs to greatly enhance the range of options available.

The full range of Enforcer two way wireless devices are compatible with the EURO ZEM 32WE, including PIRs, door contacts, smoke detectors, keyfobs and sounders.

  1. Fully Two Way wireless Technology for Extra Security Each wireless device on the Enforcer is both a transmitter and a receiver
  2. Ease of Site Survey The Signal Strength Indicator (SSI) allows installers, during installation, to view the radio transmission signal strength on both the control panel and wireless devices in real time, aiding a fast and professional installation
  3. Instant Two Way Device Control (ITDC) enables the instant wake up and instant sleep of each wireless device on the system. No more frustrating sleep timers on detectors
  4. Low Battery Consumption Devices are told to sleep or wake up by the panel using our unique two way wireless technology, conserving battery life and allowing for maximum power output for range and reliability.
  5. Quick to Learn Devices Simple one button learning feature for easy installation.

New wireless ZEM
How to Install the Wireless ZEM


Wireless Device AddressEnable ZEMs Menu
First Device
[Select Address Switch as 0-3]
ZEM Address 09-169-169-16
ZEM Address 117-2417-2417-24
ZEM Address 225-3225-3225-32
ZEM Address 333-4033-4033-40
Second Device
[Select Address Switch as 4-7]
ZEM Address 4-41-4841-48
ZEM Address 5-49-5649-56
ZEM Address 6-49-5649-56
ZEM Address 7-65-7265-72
Third Device
[Select Address Switch as 8-11]
ZEM Address 9--73-80
ZEM Address 9--81-88
ZEM Address 10--89-96
ZEM Address 11--97-104

It is now possible to install wireless inputs on the EURO control panels via the new wireless expander.

Each wireless expander allows up to 32 wireless inputs, 2 wireless bells and 32 wireless keyfobs to be learnt.

The number of wireless expanders which can be added to each panel type is shown in the table above.

The address switch on the wireless ZEMs has three positions, 0-3, 4-7 and 8-11 as per the table. The 32 inputs available on each ZEM are enabled in blocks of 4, allowing a mixture of wired and wireless expanders. If you only need up to 8 wireless inputs, then you would:

Addess the Expander at Switch 0-3 on the PCB.
Enable ZEM address 0 in the Enable ZEMs menu.
Programme inputs 9-16 as your wireless inputs.

Wired ZEMs can then still be added at addresses 1,2 and 3 if required.

Product Features

Zones/Inputs 32 wireless input devices
User Codes Up to 32 Key Fobs
Outputs Wireless Bell and Strobe
EN Grade 2

Technical Specifications

Input voltages: 9V - 14V
Current Consumption: 60mA quiescent
115mA during transmission
Radio Frequency: 868MHz, FM Transceiver Narrow Band
Dimensions: 173 x 125 x 32 mm
Operational: -10°C to +50°C
Storage -40°C to + 80°C
Humidity: 85% @ 25°C
Weight 0·24kg

Part Numbers

4 button two-way wireless keyfob with status LEDs
Wireless external warning siren
KX wireless 12m range PIR
Wireless KX12DQ-WE Detector
KX wireless 10m range Pet Immune PIR
Wireless KX10DP-WE Detector
KX wireless 25m range Corridor PIR
Wireless KX25LR-WE Detector
KX wireless 15m range Corridor PIR
Wireless KX15DC-WE Detector
Wireless shock sensor. Also available in brown.
Wireless Water Leak Sensor.
WL-WE Water Leak Sensor
Wireless universal transmitter / magnetic contact. Also available in brown.
Two way wireless smoke detector.

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Large photograph of the Enforcer control panel with built-in keypad

Large photograph of the Enforcer wireless control fob on keyring