DD243 Press Release

25th April 2005

Implementation of DD243:2004

The 2004 Industry Agreement for the implementation of PD6662:2004, DD243:2004, etc reads, in part:

"Installers should ensure that after 1st October 2005 they only install intruder and hold up alarm systems that comply with the requirements of PD6662:2004 (e.g. including prEN50131-1:2004), the latest edition of DD 243, and (where applicable) the new ACPO hold up (i.e. PA) proposals."

This statement was designed to permit manufacturers to make ONE set of changes to product, and does NOT permit the enforcement of any one of these changed standards in advance of the others.

It has been reported that NSI are insisting on the immediate enforcement of DD243:2004 - which is contrary to the industry agreement. Moves are in had to resolve this issue.

Euro-MERiDIAN will be upgraded to meet the requirements of DD243:2004 along with those of PD662:2004 and the ACPO Hold Up Policy in time for the industry-agreed implementation date of 1st October this year.

Installers should not allow themselves to be panicked into any alternative course in the meantime.

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