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Have all your Ducks in a Row...
...with the 5 reasons to choose DualCom Inside®
DualCom Inside® brings together the popular Castle Euro 46LM Control Panel and signalling you know you can rely on from CSL DualCom for an all-in-one detection and signalling solution.

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Intelligent polling on the Gemini Managed Network is able to locate a unit and maintain polling even if the location of the unit should change. So it can be moved from its original site or kept for a different job, the installer simply informs the ARC of the new location.
Purchasing is made easy as Castle provide all the hardware needed: Euro 46LM control panel, Digi Modem and GPRS module.
There is no sign-up fee and there is less equipment to purchase with no duplication of hardware.
The Euro 46LM supports 16 communication channels on-board, without the need for purchasing an additional expander.
The DualCom signalling is already integrated into the panel so there is less equipment to install saving installers valuable time on site.