Digi Loom

All Euro-28's will now be shipped out with the new 14-pin connector (see page 11-15 in the full engineering manual), thus allowing the endstation to drive 10 STU outputs.

In order to connect the panels to hardwired STUs or other communicators, a 14-way Comms loom is required (product code EUR-114), costing the same as the old 10-way loom (CT-1105). Please note that the old CT-1105 loom will not fit on the new boards with the 14-way connector (however the new 14-way loom will fit on all boards).

The loom must be plugged on with the black wire towards the bottom of the PCB. The wires function as follows:

Mauve Output 10
Grey Output 8
White Output 7
Black Output 9
Brown Line Fault input
Red RedCare Reset
Orange +12v supply
Yellow Ouput 5
Green Output 1
Blue Output 6
Mauve Output 3
Grey Output 2
White 0v supply
Black Output 4

We anticipate Euro-22's will be shipped with the new 14-way connector towards the end of August.